Astute Financial seek to combine industry experience with a fresh energetic approach to financial advice.

We are a company rooted in knowledge, expertise and a commitment to giving quality, trusted financial advice.

We offer private wealth management, assistance to corporate clients and everything else in- between. Our relationship with clients begins with a detailed analysis of their situation. This includes a review of existing client circumstances, and the identification of financial aims and objectives. Put simply: a full financial health check so that we don’t miss a single opportunity to help today and build a comfortable, safeguarded tomorrow.

Once those financial aims and objectives are identified, we offer clear solutions to help you achieve them. Central to our ethos is the idea of Lifestyle Financial Planning, also known as Cashflow Modelling. This enables the creation of a precise, visual blueprint that identifies current financial gaps that could impinge upon your achieving those financial aims and objectives.

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Our Core Values

We want to help. We want to give peace of mind. We want to be the company that stops clients lying awake at night, worrying about their financial futures. We want to use our experience and knowledge to guide people towards the secure, comfortable lives they crave.

That goes for every type of client, from individuals to large businesses, and every type of financial query, from family savings to pensions. Astute is our company a small, nimble company, meaning we set the standards of customer service and advice given, and live by the reputation we build. That is another reason we care, and another reason we will treat our clients as if they were family members. Trust, transparency, security and prosperity are everything to us.

Paul McCabe Owner and Director

Introducing Paul McCabe

Much of what Astute offer is based on lifestyle financial planning – the idea of mapping a route to the future clients desire. It is a methodology Paul has long practised, culminating in his attainment of Chartered Planner Status in 2016. Beginning his career in the head office of a large life assurance and pensions provider, Paul progressed to work as a Sales Consultant and then a Business Development Manager with another noteworthy financial company.

While working in these roles, he cultivated an ambition to become a financial planner. Paul is devoted to career development and continuous learning, meaning the advice Astute offer is always fresh. He takes pride in communicating plans clearly and concisely, always supporting clients to ensure they are absolutely clear on the options available to them.

Paul is driven by a sense of pride in being invited to help people solve problems and improve their financial lives. A keen golfer, Paul lives with wife Angela and their pet Labrador, Mack.

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Astute Owner and Director Paul McCabe is a Chartered Financial Planner (FP). Chartered status requires dedication to outstanding professional standards. It also means the observance of strong, codified ethics, and a commitment to ongoing professional development.

To attain Chartered status, an FP must complete a degree-level qualification and have a minimum of five years’ relevant professional experience. It is another assurance that the advice Astute give you is honest, intelligent and expert.

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