Successful Young Businesswoman

Have you found yourself discussing this before? I must admit I most certainly have and it seems this point has been getting debated for many years now – probably started right about the time that Life Company sales forces were shrinking and their associated branches were reducing in numbers.  My own significant opportunity came via a Life Company Sales Branch and I was then able to progress onto a Trainee Consultant programme to which I regularly reflect as to how lucky I was to get this.

I am pleased to say that I have now received my first CV, as co-owner of Astute, and when I opened this CV, I was incredibly impressed and wished that we were recruiting.  This young lady had contacted me out of the blue, explained the purpose of her email perfectly, grabbed my attention from the beginning of the email and progressed by explaining that she was in fact a University Graduate that had a passion for working in Financial Services and was determined to become a Financial Planner.  Reading the CV, the opening paragraph was personalised, explaining what she would “bring to the party” if she were to be employed by Astute Financial Planners.

I was so impressed by this approach that I emailed back, offering my time and any advice that I could provide.  We progressed to having a long phone call together and I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed passing on all of the advice I could think of.  Points such as – how to get into the industry, the further education/exam route to adopt, social media influencers to follow (another Paul Armson plug) and perhaps most importantly – encouraging consideration about the type of financial planner that she wanted to be – forgetting about products and the latest/great investment story and focussing on aims and objectives and genuinely improving people’s financial lives.

There aren’t a significant number of financial planners coming through the system they say, although if this experience is anything to go by, our fantastic industry could be in better hands than I thought!